Monday, April 4, 2011

Sarah Jean

Trim is completed and a bow in her hair.

Maybe I will have to make her a sister.
(after shoes.)

She is beautiful (as Tim Burton dolls go). Very unique and amazing that she can be posed so well. Did you ever think you'd be so good at this a year ago? Linda

One year ago,,, I never even thought about making dolls. Let alone making them by the 100's!

do you think I have made 150 yet?  I am thinking it is pretty close now.

Did you think you'd be this good 5 months ago?   Crazy.   I think she is your best - very clever. 
I love her folded arms and I love her socks and shoes.   Her hair is perfect  - Alyce


  1. You have done an excellent job with the doll.

  2. She is absolutely adorable! I'm glad you made this doll, as I really wanted to, but not quite to the point of actually making one! Great job!