Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Green Team

Tyler and Kalyn

Kalyn Corvallis

~In her new clothes~

Erlan Elf

Erlan Elf
and her brother
Eldrin Elf

Off they go to visit Aunt Ruth.
she is designing their clothes and anxious to have them come stay.
Not to worry. I will make more! LOL

Peg, these are just darling and they do have different personalities. Can hardly wait to see what Ruth comes up with for these two. Are you making more? Linda

Monday, May 30, 2011

Here is Brenda in her new outfit. If you need more poses, let me know. Hope you like the little changes to her dress, Ruth. Is it raining on your barbeque? Love, Linda

I really like the way the green in the dress brings out the color of her eyes. and I think the little red buttons are a perfect touch.
I think the elastic around the sleeves needs to be a little tighter though.
She looks cute.
OH ....... and she needs some rouge on her cheeks! LOL
A girl has to have her makeup on........HA
Sorry I forgot to do that.

And her green eyes match perfectly!!! Nice job Linda. Ruth

jeanlee dolls

all have necks

a waldorf characteristic to jeanleedolls......

I love having the necks!!! Your are right, I don't see other waldorf dolls with necks. Very cute Peggy! I look forward to working on the clothes for this doll. Ruth

getting packed

He's going to the post in the morning
coming to see you Ruth!

I have named him!


I know you are going to have fun creating for this darling babe!
His sister is in the works today!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Elvin toooooo

Have not decided about his hair.  Maybe in the morning.
I think I love this little darling!

Elvin update

He's coming to life.
Here is the challenge for you Ruth!  As soon as he is done I am putting him in the mail to your
house...... so get your thinking cap on.......... He is on his way this week.
If any of you out there are interested in this jeanlee creation.  Notify me at jeanleedolls@gmail.com
Be aware:  he will take several weeks to be completed!

Been playing dolls with my little sister!

Having a goal to make everyone different!

How fun and I am loving my felting needles
what do you think Alyce?

Saturday, May 28, 2011


A little embroidery and a strap here and there........to complete
I spent the afternoon as a shoemaker

Crochet 102

This is one of the classes I am teaching this summer!
Crochet 102
A washcloth.....
so fun to learn how to crochet in the round.


This is a banner I am making to go into a window display at one of the downtown Corvallis stores.  The team has  loads of members and I volunteered to make all the signage!  :)
I have to figure out what to do about the *m* on the end. and then I will glue them all down
The sign is 10 feet long and 24" tall.  
I will post pics of the display next week after it is set up.   Am learning alot and is way fun.....
Thanks to Ruth and her great tips on *how to*........

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little sissy no name

this darling girl was created for a custom
order and she is waiting for her cheek
Oh yah!
name!   LOL

She's named!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Felt is so fun!!!

Hi Linda, This outfit could probably use a funky kind of sweater, what do you think? I am going to send it to Peggy for the display in Corvallis, but I could send you some of the fabric for you to match. Let me know what you think. Ruth

Oh my word..... it looks like you had the very most fun today!
What a wonderful outfit. I love it!
I got the oriental outfit today and will get the doll assembled tonight or tomarrow
Way to go Idaho!
love peg

This is so perfect for Corvallis. I mean the wild socks with the sandals. That is so northwest it is funny. I think I have the perfect yarn for a sweater. I found 1 skein of some merino that is kind of an olive green tweed. Send me a little piece of the green felt to make sure it doesn't clash. I wanted to do that next so now is a good time. I have the white vest finished. It is just getting blocked and I will finish another self-striping denim blue and khaki one tonight. Will post pictures maybe tomorrow after they are dry and then get them in the mail. Those socks are just over the top. Love you guys, Linda

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

newest little sister


doesn't she have the cutest
outfit on.
With her little shrug!
She is not gonna be listed very long.
someone is going to be a very lucky person!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Go ahead.  Gaze on her cuteness.
this is the last time you will see her!  She is moving to Australia.

I  don't know about you.
but she is gonna be seriously missed at my house!
Bye Mel...... Have fun in your new home!

Final Quilt Group!

Today was our last meeting for quilt group until Sept. Here are the completed round robin blocks! The first one was Joyces'.

Here is Donna's quilt!

Jean's is next.

Linda's who we missed as she was taking care of a new mom and grandbaby!!
Hope you're having fun Linda!

Mom's beautiful flower blocks!

Peggy's unbelievably fun black and yellow quilt!

Maryl's memories!!!

And mine!!! Make sure you click on the link at the top of the page for quilts to see more pictures and close ups of some of the blocks. Thanks ladies for a great year!!!

wwell darn.  I am gonna miss getting to see the progression of all this wonderful
I hate to see it end.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

This is what I did over the last couple of days. This is what 1 lb of handspun wool looks like.

I always worry about either dropping the dye pot or splashing it all over the floor hence the plastic tablecloth. Isn't it attractive?

1 lb of Corriedale wool. Hmmm, what shall I make out of it? Any ideas, anyone?

The label on the bottle of dye said "Spruce" which I thought would be a shade of green for some reason. Silly me. Hope you all had an interesting weekend too. Linda

Linda, I love the color!!!! Even if is is "Spruce".... it must be the blue spruce variety! Looks like really nice wool. Ruth