Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Felt is so fun!!!

Hi Linda, This outfit could probably use a funky kind of sweater, what do you think? I am going to send it to Peggy for the display in Corvallis, but I could send you some of the fabric for you to match. Let me know what you think. Ruth

Oh my word..... it looks like you had the very most fun today!
What a wonderful outfit. I love it!
I got the oriental outfit today and will get the doll assembled tonight or tomarrow
Way to go Idaho!
love peg

This is so perfect for Corvallis. I mean the wild socks with the sandals. That is so northwest it is funny. I think I have the perfect yarn for a sweater. I found 1 skein of some merino that is kind of an olive green tweed. Send me a little piece of the green felt to make sure it doesn't clash. I wanted to do that next so now is a good time. I have the white vest finished. It is just getting blocked and I will finish another self-striping denim blue and khaki one tonight. Will post pictures maybe tomorrow after they are dry and then get them in the mail. Those socks are just over the top. Love you guys, Linda

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