Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Family Faerie

Clover Odele Waalen
She is the first of the Faerie Dragon Fly Herders

She has a soft voice and a kind little face.

Clover is the Faerie kings favorite to go flying with.

They spend hours on end herding the famly
dragonflies from one flower field to the other.
 We lover her too.
She is so sweet and fun to be with.

The other Faeries don't feel quite the same about our dear little girl.
 They are a jealous bunch,

 they say,
"she spends too much time with the King".
           They make fun of her and call her bad names.

Her name is so Cute and they love it too.
  they call her
Clover Odele Waalen
but she doesn't care and neither do we.
For she is our darling,
Our Little

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