Sunday, July 10, 2011


Wilhelmina is not like other girls.

She likes to ride motorbikes and buckin broncos.

Her most favorite thing to do is: Mutton Racin.
(early on she realized her legs are shaped to hang on to em)

She has actually won three medals at the local rodeo!

Her down fall is the cotton candy and the DUDES in there
straw hats and pointy boots.

Her full name is:

Wilhelmina Olive Wainwright

(all her pals at the rodeo...... welll
they call her W.O.W)

but here at home...
we all call her  "willy"


  1. LOL - Love the stripes! and off the shoulder straps. WOW!!!

  2. oh duh! I get it...... W.O.W. LOL
    I'm slow but I will finish the race! LOL