Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Blessings

Good Morning and Happy Blessings to each of you 

As I am preparing my life and home in this Holiday Season, I have thought many hours about all of you and your families .. the last several years have been amazing growth time for me and for my company . 
Each of you have played a most important part in how I have grown and the changes I have made while going through the life challenges and rewards . 
Now is the time I wanna tell you all thank you for everything you have done and for each part of my education you have played . 
When making and selling dolls and building a business in this HIGHLY COMPETITIVE business there are many tricks of the trade I have learned from other doll makers and doll buyers as well. 
I have spent more than  2,000 hours creating and producing videos to teach how to make dolls for ALL people to enjoy and learn this marvelous craft . 
On December 5th, we had a giveaway where 3000+ people entered in and a name was picked and I posted a video announcing the winner
(here is that video) 
However,  as of today almost one week later I have not gotten an email from the Winner of the giveaway .. SO I have decided .    on the 20th of Dec, 2015 if I still have not received an email of acceptance from the winner .. I will then hold another contest for this darling doll. 
Please come back ... 
I will keep you posted 



  1. Oh wow!!! Another chance to win!!! Can't wait !!! So excited!!!

    1. Hi .... Heidi I am also excited to see this darling doll find a home for the holidays ... Hugs and thank you for all your wonderful comments...

  2. She is adorable!! I would LOVE to win her for my granddaughter ;-) Thank You for the opportunity and all you do to help us online gals....I hope you feel better real soon! Happy Holidays.....

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